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Roy Neely, a widower, ex-Air Force pilot, former CIA surveillance trainer, and FBI psychologist, thought he'd be settling into retirement when he turned 65. Instead, his adventures were just beginning.....

FBI agent Roy Neely has always been known for his ability to understand terrorists and their behavior, but this case is different. The clock is ticking as two key suspects have secretly entered the United States and are planning to attack a nuclear power plant. Teamed with his friend Eric Holloway from the CIA, the game is on to stop the terrorists. Can these terrorists be turned around? Roy Neely...

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Goering's Gold GOERING'S GOLD

At the end of World War Two, a Luftwaffe hero flies a final mission for Reich Marshall Herman Goering. He delivers gold bars to the organizer of an escape route for war criminals from Germany, called the 'rat line'. Roy Neely, retired FBI psychologist, ex Air Force Vietnam fighter-bomber pilot, with a new career as a Flight Instructor, is faced with a real challenge: how, after fifty-two years later, to expose the financing of this activity. Neely enlists...

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The game is on between who has the oil and who needs the oil. Roy Neely, sixty-five-year-old widower, ex-Air Force fighter-bomber pilot, former CIA surveillance trainer and retired FBI psychologist, takes on a sensitive assignment: how to protect the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan pipeline. Neely accepts the challenge to protect the pipeline while struggling to find meaning in his own life after the sudden death of his wife.

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Two powerful drug cartels fight to control the supply of drugs destined for the United States in the murder capital of the world, Juarez. A politically sensitive assignment in Mexico's deadly border region draws former FBI psychologist Roy Neely out of retirement. Neely joins forces with DEA Agent Jamie Gamez on the complicated case, which starts with the kidnapping and killing of several elders from Mormon rancher families that have lived in the area for generations. Things become more dangerous when a whistle blower reveals that a well-connected defense contractor is illegally shipping arms to the warring cartels.

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Retired FBI psychologist Roy Neely is offered a new challenge by his friend Eric Holloway, the director of operations at the CIA. The expanding influence of the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan has raised questions about its influence in neighboring countries. A particularly sensitive area is Kashmir, the source of conflict between India and Pakistan since the end of World War II. The president wants a briefing on the situation in Kashmir and Holloway needs information from a trusted source. Holloway asks Neely to go to Kashmir and investigate the rumors about the Taliban’s influence. Neely travels around Kashmir posing as a published travel author. But his travels are interrupted by the news that a CIA agent who had infiltrated a Kashmiri freedom fighter group has disappeared. Neely is directed to find the missing agent and bring him back to the States without creating a major disruption between Pakistan and India. The assignment draws him into Kashmir’s complicated political situation and long history of corruption.

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Joel Stein's world has collided with the one thing he has been trying to avoid for 30 years – his past. The successful software savant and multi-millionaire owner of Software Security Technology is burdened by the unexpected inheritance of the family-owned citrus business, Sunnyland Groves, founded by his father John in the heart of Indian River County, Florida. Joel, who deserted his family years ago feels trapped by his dying brother's wish that he maintain the family legacy. He turns to his friend Roy Neely, a retired FBI and CIA psychologist, for help. THE PARIS SURPRISE is an account of Neely's investigation of fifty-year-old secrets that unravel the lives of the dysfunctional Stein family and the black Underwood family. Secrets uncovered in Paris and Los Angeles complicate Joel’s ambiguous feelings about the family legacy and force Neely to come up with a solution that Joel finally accepts.

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