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This is an excellent mystery novel by a first time author. The setting and plot are modern involving terrorists and nuclear power. The author has done extensive research which contributes to the authenticity of the novel. This is a very good read which flows well and keeps the reader engaged. The ending seemed to imply a sequel which I look forward to.
– A.G.

Arnold Beckhardt did great research, and although the book is a novel, it was very factual. The story made for fast and enjoyable reading. I will look forward to the Beckhardt next novel
– J.S.

Thanks for the entertaining novel TURNAROUND. I look forward to another novel.
– S.H.

Great job. I heartily recommend it. In the opinion of a guy whose high school principal thought he should write for a living, very well done. You can see the engineer in Beckhardt's writing.
– W.M.M.

Just put down TURNAROUND. It is a humdinger of a great read. Clever twists and turns. Reads like a charm. Kept my interest throughout.
– M.W.O.

The book drew me into the storyline. I liked it very much.
– D.K.

I found this book to be very contemporary and well written. It deals with a potentially disastrous situation the entire public should be aware of. It is well worth reading.
– R.N.


Beckhardt has carefully crafted the characters of the book and developed detailed descriptions of their activities for the treasure hunt for GOERING'S GOLD. The characters visited several cities, cathedrals and hotels in Europe. These were all described with such realism that it created a desire for me to visit them. Beckhardt kept the reader in suspense until the last chapter with surprise endings. After reading GOERING'S GOLD one would like to know what really happened to the stolen wealth. Beckhardt's novel certainly stirs the imagination.
– R.McN.

I enjoyed GOERING'S GOLD -the real-life settings and obvious historic research added a lot to the very good plot. Mr Beckhardt obviously has a background or a huge personal interest in the subject matter. GOERING'S GOLD is my first Beckhardt/Roy Neely read - I now have a copy of his first in the series, Turnaround, and I look forward to the author finishing a third in the series. I don't know the title, but he has said he is working on the third in the series. Al Quaida, Nazis lurking and plotting and striking- good guys triumphing after harrowing near misses; my mind craves that. The author puts out a readable, informative, enjoyable, memorable story, and that's all I ask for in a book.
– F.R.

GOERING'S GOLD by Arnold Beckhardt is a most fascinating story and worth reading. The characters were well drawn and kept my interest. I would call the book a "good read"
– D.W.


The best Roy Neely book yet! A fast read, good plot and keeps good pace throughout. Really enjoyed very much. Keep up the good work.
– J.H.

Liked the way you set up Roy's sadness at Joyce's death. It was sad but it made me sure understand his actions to go back to work. The action areas you write about seem very real.
– D.C.

Really enjoyed BLACK GOLD. Kept me entertained on our flight North. Really kept my interest to the end. It's the best of your three books. Your descriptions make you think you are there viewing the action. Where does Roy Neely go from here?
– A.G.

Your best yet. So many characters and so much detail. Have to confess I had trouble keeping them straight. Maybe you should include a list of all those Russians with some identification.
– W.K.

The adventures with Roy Neely continue as Arnold Beckhardt takes you through the intrigue of the Azerbaijan oil fields and all its political and econmic ramifications. His detailed description of the characters draws you further into the story as Neely never misses a beat whether he encounters his colleagues or the Russian mob. I have read all three of the Roy Neely novels and anxiously await the fourth! They are a quick read and great to take along on a trip.
– K.L.K.

This is the third book in the Roy Neely series by this author and is his best. The story is exciting, keeping your interest high so that it was difficult to put the book down. The descriptions of the people and settings were excellent making it easy to visualize the action. The character of Roy Neely has been well developed and makes him a person that you care about and feel that you know well. The theme of the Russians control of oil supplies is a very relevant one which adds to the interest in the story. The plot is clearly a realistic one which increases the interest level and believability. I look forward to the next Roy Neely adventure.
– A.G.

As I hadn't read the first two books in the series I started the book at somewhat of a disadvantage, but the book works quite well as a stand alone novel. This one gets three stars. It was a nice, solid read with a well played out, interesting, and timely story. The main character, Roy Neely, was engaging and felt real. The conversations could be a bit stiff at times, but overall the book was well written. Fans of the Jason Bourne books should find this a nice fit.
– Review by Beth's Book Review Blog


Well written and a real page turner which kept me fascinated on a long flight. The ending and resolution were a complete surprise.
– A.G.


I recall reading the newspapers when the British were dividing India and Pakistan. I have read from time to time of the unrest in the Kashmir. This book brings to life some of the turmoil and problems faced by the people living there. Neely's exploits keeps the suspense going to the very end. A very good read.
– J.M.

Finished The Kashmir Dilemma a couple nights again. Very well done and interesting as some time ago I read an article about the situation in K. I think it is your best, although I enjoyed the other 4 also. What is next?
– D.C.

This was your best book which was hard to accomplish.  As soon as I finished reading it I looked up the history of the region.  I found this to be amazing and very interesting.  I'll be looking forward to your next book.
– L.J.
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