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Roy Neely, a widower, ex-Air Force pilot, former CIA surveillance trainer, and FBI psychologist, thought he'd be settling into retirement when he turned 65. Instead, his adventures were just beginning.....

FBI agent Roy Neely has always been known for his ability to understand terrorists and their behavior, but this case is different. The clock is ticking as two key suspects have secretly entered the United States and are planning to attack a nuclear power plant. Teamed with his friend Eric Holloway from the CIA, the game is on to stop the terrorists. Can these terrorists be turned around? Roy Neely, sixty-five year old widower, ex Air Force Vietnam fighter-bomber pilot, former CIA surveillance trainer, and now head of the FBI Behavioral Science section, sets out to stop the threat while struggling to find meaning in his own life.

ISBN 0-595-42571-2, 216 pages
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